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As part of our Service Level Agreement with NHS Highland, Highland Council and the Western Isles Council, we provide a Rehabilitation service for adults and children who have low vision, in Highland and the Western Isles.

What is a Rehabilitation Service?

A diagnosis of an eye condition can be a shock.

Sight Action can provide a wide range of help and advice for people who find themselves dealing with sight loss. Access to Rehabilitation gives people more control over their lives. Rehabilitation provides appropriate solutions to everyday problems, boosting confidence, maintaining social contact and encouraging them to lead fuller lives. Individual needs are respected and supported.

  • One to one consultations with Rehabilitation experts
  • Specialist Low vision assessment, to help reading text or improve lighting
  • Provide appropriate aids and equipment
  • Provide information on eye conditions, Blind registration and maintaining eye health
  • Emotional support, including access to counselling
  • Provide support for Families, friends and carers
  • Mobility training programmes that maintain safety and independence
  • Teach skills to promote independent living: cooking safely, communications, I.T
  • Work with employers, to support and develop a holistic working environment
  • Advice on benefits and concessions
  • Promote hobbies or new interests
  • Signpost to other relevant specialists

This service can be provided in your home with confidential specialist support


Who can access this service?

Any person who has been diagnosed with an eye condition, resulting in low vision.

We take referrals from individuals, Families, Cares and professionals.

Making contact is easy: Telephone us on 01462 233 663 or Email us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember: you should have visited your local Optician within the last 2 years.