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Talking book service

Talking books are now available for people to listen to on a memory stick.

You can plug the memory stick into a laptop, a Talking Newspaper machine, a Roberts Concerto radio or into a Boom Box.

Sight Action can provide a Boom Box purchase for £36. A volunteer will come to your house and demonstrate how to use the Boom Box.

The catalogue is either provided on paper or in audio format. There is a form to fill in. We ask for name, address, post code, telephone number and then there is space to provide the numbers of the books you require.

The memory sticks are sent out in a sunshine yellow plastic pouch which has a reversible address label. Once you have finished listening to the book you can turn the address label over to show Sight Action’s address and it can then be put in the post.

The Talking Books do not require postage as they go under ‘articles for the blind’.

The service is provided entirely by volunteers and relies on donations.
We are no longer looking for audio tapes to digitise to increase the size of the catalogue but are very interested audio cds. We will always return them to anyone who lends them to us.

I.T Training

We offer a variety of I.T training and support:

  • Introduction to I.T
  • Getting online
  • Word processing, office software
  • Advice on using accessibility software
  • Tablet and iPad training